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When Ganesh Kasargod invited me as Guest to his book releasing ceremony “Shubham” haleya cinema da koneya fremu, I immediately sent him good wishes from Paris over the video and later attended his book releasing programme in Bangaluru. Syed Sallauddin Pasha

 was honoured to be part of it. “Shubham” book takes insight journey into 40 years of Kannada Cinema, Heart touching stories of actors, directors, writers list goes on. There are many stories where Ganesh writes without fear, deep insight into cinema life, actors directors pleasure, pain, success, failure etc..

It was a pleasure sharing the platform with great writers and friends Ganesh Kasargod, Ravi Belagare, Doddarange Gowda, Director H.R. Bhargava, Actresses Tara, Girija Lokesh, Kichcha Sudeep and living legend Saalumarada Thimmakka. It was indeed a well-organised programme by Anekal Shravana Laxman.

In the end, I told Ganesh that ‘this book is on 40 years of Kannada Cinema, I look forward to your 50 years of Kannada Cinema, I know he is a strong man and he will do it. Ganesh, I Wish you great success, health, wealth, peace, prosperity.

Another work by journalist Ganesh Kasaragodu is Lokpakam. This time he has taken hundreds of memories of Kannada films. Shared all this in their work. The book name is “One Hundred Images Hundreds of Memories”.

He is celebrating the centenary of Indian cinema with a memory of 100 films. Already, he has written a lot of works on cinema.

The ‘One Hundred Hundred Hundred Memories’ is now available with information on a hundred films of his choice. There are also interesting facts about the film, which are not yet known to the masses, but to a very few. There are usually hundreds of memories of what an image is. One hundred pictures of memories in such a way do not look like. Earlier, Ganesh’s ‘Off the Record’ and ‘Sreemranagaiyil Shankaranag’ have greatly influenced Kannada film lovers.

Ganesh Kasaragodu has previously published several articles in your favorite online magazine Oneindia Kannada. Here are some links to read and enjoy. These articles hold a mirror to Ganesh’s perspective. (Oneindia Kannada)

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