Syed Sallauddn Pasha is internationally recognised as a pioneer in Indian Dance Movement Therapy. He is also considered as the father of Indian Therapeutic theatre for innovating Therapeutic Theatre Productions for persons with multiple disabilities. He has successfully conducted several dance therapy workshops for Persons with disabilities, Special Educators, Dance movement therapist, mental health professional and caregivers.

Pasha’sworkshops includes three decades of his successful case studies, experiments, research and developments. when participants take part in his workshops, they go through intense training which makes each participant learn exercises, techniques, applications, adaptation, usage of properties in the workshops, disability aids, healing music. They get an opportunity to associate and work with both abled and disabled people.

Sallauddin Pasha’s Therapeutic Dance Theatre workshop is a unique combination of Dance Therapy, Theatre Therapy, Rhythm Therapy, Emotion Therapy, Music Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Colour Therapy. . . Pasha’s Therapy works on the microcosmic cell of the human body. Workshops participants get an opportunity to see the video of his therapeutic theatre productions both nationally and internationally. this gives knowledge on how to work with people with and without disabilities.