º International World disability day a content celebration at Miracle Centre – SYED SALLAUDDIN PASHA
International World disability day Syed Sallauddin Pasha

Disability is the inability to see the ability in a human being- International World disability day 3rd December 2019…. a content celebration at Miracle Centre! Today is a special day to be remembered as we set a milestone by moving into our very own centre. It’s a beautiful space which is disabled friendly and huge performance space. It is beautifully ventilated and has all the basic facilities like a kitchen, washrooms, a huge playground for outdoor activities. Our children get to relax with their favourite games after a session of dance practice and home-cooked delicious food. It’s filled with greenery which is so refreshing. It’s finally our dream come true through several years of toil and sacrifice. In spite of all the ups and downs…… today we have a disable friendly – professional dance centre dedicated for persons with all disabilities. All are welcome to our Miracle Centre…. come see and feel the beauty of the place! International World disability day Syed Sallauddin Pasha

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