Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha with Great Music and Dance Critic BVK Shastry

Remembering great friend and guide Shri B.V.K. Shastry, Noble Man, Great writer, music and dance critic.
Three decades ago… When one of the Guru’s said they don’t want to teach me ‘Navasandhi Nruthy – Temple Dance’ because I am Muslim, I was very sad and hurt. I was learning dance with great difficulties, I had no support from the family, my parents were orthodox Muslims and my uncle was head of the mosque.. Later I met Shri BVK for the guidance.. he said’re Pasha Iyangar – by Karma you’re Brahmin, why don’t you create your own Navasandhi Nruthya.with his blessing I started doing research and created the Dasha Dikpalaka Sthudthi – 10 directions for the world. Since I was A-Grade Bharatanatyam Dancer, Doordarshan requested me to present my Bharatanatyam Solo, I presented Dasha Dikpalaka Sthuthi shot on various temples .. after Doordarshan’s relay of my Dasha Dikpalaka Sthuthi on National Programme Dance from Delhi… The Guru who refused to teach me Navasandhi Nruthya called me and said… where did you learn this Item ?, how much I paid to learn?..can I have the copy of this Item ?…..
I was shocked by these questions from Guru.
Friends… Let me know what was my action ?.

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