º Wheelchair dance techniques Workshop – SYED SALLAUDDIN PASHA
Wheelchair dance techniques Workshop

Classical Wheelchair Dance Techniques Innovated by Syed Sallauddin Pasha is first of its kind in the world. Pasha spent several years sitting on the wheelchair to create unique classical wheelchair dance technique that can be performed professionally by differently-abled people. Pasha’s Wheelchair Dance Techniques are highly therapeutic when wheelchair becomes part of the disabled body – an extended body he can perform each movement with ease and gracefully.

Pasha over the years innovated dancing wheels, Which is specially designed to dance, move, fall, spins.. it can move up to 150km/hr. speed and spins more than 80 spins per minutes. Pasha’s dancing wheel is a historic innovation. Pasha’s differently-abled students can dance classical wheelchair dance non-stop for 3 hours. Pasha sat on wheelchair tied his legs with a footrest so he doesn’t get from the wheelchair, being a non-disabled he has a lot of problems. Pasha is professionally trained Bharatanatyam, he wanted each and every movement perfect on wheelchairs, also wanted to stick to the framework of classical dancing tradition, it was indeed a big challenged for Pasha to innovate each movement with perfection.